UV Crystal Printing

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Suitable for metal, leather, wood, paper, plastic, ceramic, glass, etc.

Artwork Printing size: A3 / A2 / METER

File Format: Ai / PSD

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Ultraviolet (UV) DTF Printing refers to a new printing method that uses ultraviolet curing technology to create designs on films. These designs can then be transferred onto hard and irregular-shaped objects by pressing down with fingers and then peeling off the film.


UV DTF printing is versatile due to the type of surfaces the designs can go on, such as metal, leather, wood, paper, plastic, ceramic, glass, etc. It can even be transferred onto irregular and curved surfaces. It is also possible to transfer designs when the object is underwater.


To summaries, UV DTF printing is a highly flexible printing technique; it can be helpful if you want to print or edit menus for restaurant menus, print logos on household electrical appliances, and so much more. Furthermore, you can customize objects with any logo you want with UV printing. It is also suitable for outdoor objects as they are durable and resistant to scratch and wear over time.


A3, A2, Meter

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